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Powerful Investment Strategies

No matter which you choose, Dynamic Personal Payout Account or Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account, you will be able to fully benefit from TRG’s powerful investment strategies to help you meet your financial and lifestyle goals. We will work together with you to carefully select and implement one or more of our popular investment strategies based on your risk tolerance, goals and financial objectives.


Traditional Investment Portfolio: For clients that do not have the funds to invest in or desire to purchase individual stocks, we offer you a low-cost method to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We will implement a client focused portfolio using Exchange Traded (“ETFs) and/or Closed Ended funds (“CEFs”). Contact TRG today to learn more!

Dynamic Rising Dividends Portfolio  (“DRDP”): DRDP invests in up to 25 high-quality, dividend paying S&P 500 stocks which have increased their dividends for at least one year.

The DRDP offers an investor the ability to receive increasing income with the possibility for capital appreciation. It is this potentially powerful combination of benefits that makes DRDP so popular. Contact TRG today to learn more!

Long-Term Portfolio Strategy  ("DEEP"): DEEP will purchase between 10 and 35 growth and income stocks.  On the one-year anniversary they will be reviewed and adjustments (buys and sells) may be made. Contact TRG today to learn more!.

Dynamic Capital Protection  (“DCP”): DCP helps to safeguard capital by attempting to reduce losses and provide an opportunity to protect your hard-earned profits. If asset protection is a primary concern, you need to consider DCP to potentially mitigate the damage that may occur to your portfolio. This is NOT a day-trading strategy. Contact TRG today to learn more!

Fixed Income

Astute investors seeking an income stream and high-quality fixed income investments may find TRG Capital’s Fixed Income portfolio of great interest. We invest a great deal of time and attention in the selection of securities for this portion of your portfolio. The primary types of fixed Income investments to be purchased for your portfolio will be ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), CEFs (Closed Ended Funds) or high-quality individual issues. Individual fixed income portfolios will consist of but are not limited to: brokered CDs; US Treasury Bills, Notes, STRIPS and Bonds; Government Agency Securities, Taxable Municipal Bonds in tax deferred accounts (such as IRAs, 401(k)s, SIMPLES, SEPs, etc. pension plans), Tax-Free instruments in taxable accounts and Corporate Debt. As part of our capital protection strategy, no funds will be placed in corporate bonds unless they are investment grade at the time of purchase. TRG believes your investments should be of the highest quality possible. ETFs and CEFs covering a broad segment of the fixed income market may also be taken under consideration when building your fixed income portfolio. Contact TRG today to learn more!

Alternative Asset Classes

If a client wishes to include alternative asset classes in their portfolio, TRG will allocate some of their portfolio to this investment class. Alternative assets classes include but are not limited to: gold, silver, commodities, etc. TRG also manages an alternative hedged equity, investment strategy for qualified investors. Contact TRG today to learn more!

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