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Dynamic Personal Payout Account

The Income Challenge

A common concern for investors (especially retirees) is managing their savings without running out of money. Annuities are an approach generally pushed on investors by advisers, brokers and insurance companies knowing full well that they typically come at a premium, as commissions, surrender charges and other fees can significantly reduce an annuity’s overall return on investment. At TRG, we offer a flexible, managed alternative which provides you with a steady, sustainable income solution with growth potential designed to last for a specific period of time or through your retirement years.

Your Income Solution Is Here!

Our Dynamic Personal Payout Account, or “Dynamic Account,” is an exciting, customizable approach to managing your assets. Unlike an annuity, the Dynamic Account is designed to focus on your personal needs by providing a long-term, steady stream of income with the potential of providing additional annual income and other outstanding benefits. But unlike an adviser, broker or insurance company who sells you a proprietary or third-party product, we work with you to determine your particularized needs and objectives, and then directly manage your money to achieve your goals. What’s more, our managed approach gives you peace of mind because it doesn’t lock up your assets, as there are no surrender charges or penalties should you wish to modify your financial plan at a future date. On top of that, unlike many annuities which have no value after a specific term or at death, your Dynamic Account provides legacy benefits so you or your beneficiaries get to keep all of the remaining assets!

Customizing Your Dynamic Personal Payout Account

The Dynamic Account begins with you:

  • Your Story. The first step in the process of opening an account is for us to listen to your story—for us to learn about your personal situation and to hear about your financial goals and aspirations.
  • Your Custom Fit. Once we have gotten to know you, whether your financial aspirations are modest or grand, we will begin tailoring a Dynamic Account to meet your needs. We do this by applying our financial expertise and do the math for you, allowing you to plan ahead and make the most of your financial means.
  • Your Long-Term Security. The focus is on your long-term needs and peace of mind with the flexibility you deserve to take advantage of opportunities to get the most out of your money.

All Dynamic Accounts are structured to provide a reasonably secure and stable base income. That’s what you want!

Additional Income is a Game Changer for You as an Investor

Many investors wonder if they could or should take more money out of their portfolios to personally enjoy, to help a family member or to support a noble cause during retirement. Many people live in fear of making that decision and its consequences. Rest easy! The powerful Additional income strategy which is available exclusively through the Dynamic Personal Payout Account helps you answer those questions and, in many cases, solves the problem for YOU!

Additional Benefits and Opportunities for Your Dynamic Personal Payout Account

Even if the strategy is enough to get you excited and ready to make the call to TRG, there’s even more benefits and opportunities which are popular with our clients and will be reserved as well just for YOU! The Dynamic Personal Payout Account includes strategies to deliver your payouts as if they were a “paycheck”. The Dynamic Personal Payout Account also offers you the potential for tax efficiency. Your investments in the Dynamic Personal Payout Account  will be held with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. They provide you with safekeeping of assets, commission-free trading for stocks and ETFs and online and mobile real-time access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Unlike many annuities, the Dynamic Personal Payout Account was designed to provide you with legacy benefits. Your Dynamic Personal Payout Account will be transferred to your loved ones or a charitable cause you deeply care or they can continue receiving the benefits you enjoyed for may years to come with your Dynamic Personal Payout Account!

Take Action to Boost Your Current or Retirement Income Now

The universe rewards people who take action.

We would be privileged to use our expertise and many years of experience to make your retirement income dreams come true by building you a custom-tailored Dynamic Personal Payout Account.

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