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Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account

The Wealth Accumulation Challenge

Wealth Building doesn’t have an age limit to it. It might even be important to investors who are just a few years away from retirement. Yet because there is so much investment misinformation available today, many investors are missing a “golden” opportunity to accumulate significant assets, manage their risk and make smart decisions during the crucial wealth accumulation years. Many brokers, insurance salespeople and financial advisors provide the same mundane advice to nearly all of their clients no matter where they are in their path of life. Many packaged products such as Annuities and Insurance contracts are offered as a type of retirement savings program. Yet many carry high commissions and other fees which may be hidden, and that is just the beginning.

Your Wealth Accumulation Solution Is Here!

In Steve Siebold’s highly acclaimed book “How Rich People Think”, wealth accumulation could be boiled down to two simple sentences. “Middle Class has a Lottery Mentality. World Class has an Action Mentality.” Our popular Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account is designed for investors with an Action Mentality approach to wealth accumulation. We seek to achieve success by applying our investment strategies and other tools designed with your goals and objectives in mind.

Customizing Your Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account

The Dynamic Account begins with:

  • Your Story. The first step in the process of opening an account is for us to listen to your story—for us to learn about your personal situation and to hear about your financial goals and aspirations.
  • Your Custom Fit. Once we have gotten to know you, whether your financial aspirations are modest or grand, we will begin tailoring a Dynamic Account to meet your needs. We do this by applying our financial expertise to “do the math” for you, allowing you to accumulate wealth on your own terms and objectives.
  • Your Wealth Accumulation Dreams. The focus is on your long-term needs and peace of mind with the flexibility you deserve to take advantage of opportunities to accumulate wealth.

All Dynamic Accounts are structured to provide an opportunity for long-term growth with downside asset protection. Your investments in the Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account will be held with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. They provide you with safekeeping of assets, commission-free trading for stocks and ETFs and online and mobile real-time access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. That’s what you want! Your Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account utilizes a number of TRG's investment strategies to help reach your goals. As a client, you can rely upon the dozens and dozens of years of TRG Capital personnel’s experience and expertise to objectively answer virtually all of your “What If?” and investment questions. We would be privileged to use our expertise and many years of experience to prepare you for the next stage in your life (whether it is 2 years or 40 years away) by building a custom-tailored Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account exclusively for you. Remember “World Class Investors have an Action Mentality.” Start becoming World Class TODAY by taking action now.

Take Action to Boost Your Wealth Accumulation Now

The universe rewards people who take action.

We would be privileged to use our expertise and many years of experience to make your wealth accumulation dreams come true by building you a custom-tailored Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account.

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