What are TRG’s Management Fees and how are they calculated?

Management Fees will be a percentage of the market value of all assets in the Account(s) on the last trading day of the calendar year quarter. The quarterly fee associated with the TRG Dynamic Personal Payout Account ranges from 0.15% to 0.3125% (0.60% to 1.25% annualized). The fee associated with the TRG Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account ranges from 0.1875% to 0.3125% (0.75% to 1.25% annualized). The determination of what your fee will be is based on the degree of risk management you wish to apply to your portfolio. Fees are payable quarterly in advance, and will be pro-rated based upon the number of days the Account(s) was/were opened during the quarter. Should any Fund Flows (contributions and withdrawals) occur during a quarter, the Investment Management Fee for the following quarter will be adjusted accordingly. If applicable, this schedule will be applied on a consolidated basis to assets held at any and all brokerage houses and custodians. Fees are negotiable on accounts with more than $5,000,000 or lower for special circumstances.

Why does TRG charge different investment management fees versus a "one-fee fits all approach" which is commonplace in the industry?

It is TRG’s belief that your fee schedule should be based on the complexity level of the investment management strategy chosen by the investor.

Are there any additional costs for TRG’s portfolio management solutions?

Charles Schwab and Co., Inc., our preferred custodian, currently does not charge commissions* on purchase and sales of individual equities and ETFs; however, Charles Schwab and Co.,Inc. subjects trades to securities and exchange fees upon the sale of exchange listed equities. Other investments, (e.g., fixed income) may have markups or markdowns built into the price by the brokerage house. ETF's have their own internal expenses. TRG does NOT receive or share in any commissions or expenses assessed by Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. Additional miscellaneous fees are not assessed by TRG, but may be charged by a third party. *Commission free investing is subject to change at the discretion of Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. For additional information regarding Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. please click here

Are there account minimums to unlock the opportunities that TRG’s portfolio management solutions have to offer?

Yes, the minimum for new clients is $100,000 in investable assets. Minimums may be waived as a result of a referral or for special circumstances.

Are there any differentiating factors between a Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) and the TRG Dynamic Risk Manager Level 2 Fund, LP (“the Fund”)?

Yes, there are but unfortunately due to regulatory requirements, you will need to be an accredited investor to receive additional information on the Fund.

Is it easy to open an account with TRG?

Yes, TRG uses DocuSign and other secure tools in an effort to safeguard your information and to establish a seamless relationship.

Once you begin working with TRG, can I monitor my account?

Yes, at your convenience any time day or night. Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. will provide you with an opportunity to establish online real-time access.. Whether it is a mobile device or desktop, you will have the transparency that you need and deserve. You can also sign up for Black Diamond, TRG's portfolio management portal, for performance reporting and other metrics.

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Take Action to Boost Your Long-term Sustainable Monthly Income or Wealth Accumulation Opportunities Now

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